Friday, December 28, 2012

Sledding and a Birthday!

I know I haven't blogged in like a year! But here I am! Christmas was a success! Casey and I got spoiled and we had tons of fun with both families. Christmas day Casey and I really wanted to do something fun, so we planned on going to the sinks to do some sledding! His brother Tyler came up with us, and his sister Teneille and her boyfriend Jake came too! Amanda and her boys showed up a little later and we had tons of fun! Walking up the giant hill was not my favorite, but the boys had a blast!
Jaydale's 32nd birthday was yesterday. She came down to Logan with Chantry, Kylee and Chance, and we all celebrated at the Bluebird. Amanda, my mom, and I got her a new purse and a cute vest. I made her super cute Hot pink cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. DeeLish!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter & Casey Graduated!!

This year we spend Easter at my parents house with all my siblings and their kids.  We let the kids search out all the eggs and treats the Easter bunny left for them, they are so fun to watch!  The Easter Bunny even left them money!  After they found all their eggs we had a yummy dinner prepared by my parents, and a little potluck everyone brought, following that we did a little Skeet shooting, which is starting to become a tradition if the weather is nice, and it was this year!!  I shot a few, but I have like 0 muscle in my shoulder, so you can imagine how long I wanted to do that for, but I'm an alright shot!  We had some fun!  After that Casey and I headed down to his parents house to find them, and both sets of grandparents, so we gave them their little Easter treats, and hung out for a bit then headed home.

  In other great news, Casey Graduated with his MASTERS!!!  He is so glad to be done, and I am so glad he is done!!  The graduation ceremony was short and sweet, which I loved!  After that we headed to the AppleBee's had some lunch then headed home to get ready for a BBQ in his honor!  We had tons of friends and family that showed up to congradulate him, so thanks for those of you that came!! Meant a lot to me and Casey!  We had a very enjoyable weekend, Casey no longer has to worry about studying, and tax season is over, so he's a brand new guy!!  We were able to enjoy hiking to the Wind Caves, and Biking a few miles this weekend and spend lots of time together!! I finally have a husband!  Nothing else to report, except the 2 most recent cakes i've made, and I'm super happy the weather has been so nice!!  I've been dying to be outside, and now I finally can!!  Hope you are all well!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Latest!

Well it's been a few months, but don't worry we're alive!! Just pretty busy! Casey is still working on his Master's down at Weber, and is busy with work. I have been busy the last few weeks making cakes and cake pops for friends and family!! Here's what I've been making!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A new beginning! & The Trick or Treat Trot

Last weekend my sister Jaydale got married!! It was held in Bear Lake at a place called The Reserve. It turned out so nice! Her colors were White and Black so it just looked so elegant and nice, and the decorationg we did were darling, and the turnout was great, and the food was great, the weather was great, everything went great! She got married outside on the reserve patio area so there was a great view behind them, and had the luncheon and reception inside. My mom set up a Candy Station of white and black candies and treats, and I had the oportunity to make her wedding cake! It was just a little cake atop a tier full of dark and white chocolate cake pops! It turned out really cute for my first wedding cake! I'm glad I got to start out little because I'm still learning! But i'm so happy I got to do it!

My mom, Amanda and I all got to go with Jaydale to pick out her wedding dress, and the first one she tried on was the one!! She tried on others as well, but that first one was it! It was so pretty on her too, and they bead work was gorgeous! She was a beautiful Bride!

Wyatt was her ring boy and he walked out first, then kylee holding baby Chance came out, and then Jaydale with my dad, and the ceremony went great!

This wedding was so much fun because we got to all be up there as a family and it was so much fun to be together and enjoy! Congratulations Jaydale and Chantry!

Also this weekend just yesterday Casey Scooter Becca and I all ran the Child and Family Support Center's Trick or Treat Trot 5k! It was Becca's first so that was kind of fun! And we got to dress up so that made it more fun! Casey of course won, and then ran back for Becca and I and we finished in about 32 minutes! It was fun! Becca and I are great running partners so we'll have to do more!

We also threw Chelsie a Baby Shower after that, but I don't have pictures of that yet, I'll have to post some later!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Founders day, and The Dew Tour

Last week was one of my favorite Holidays! Founders day is a Wellsville holiday, and I love wellsville so much, and I love all the people this day brings together! Every year my family and extended family have a spot in the Square by a tree that we sit at every year and eat food and listen to the live music. I decided it would be too hard to sit over there this year without my Grandma, so I agreed to sell some cake pops with Casey and Amanda. This way I was busy all day, and in the booth the whole day. Selling my "Party Pops" was so much fun! But I was surprised at how many people who didn't know what they were, but everyone one who tried them loved them!!

This last weekend Casey and I had a fun date night, we went to the Dew Tour down in Salt Lake, it happend to feature things both Casey and I enjoy, so it was a win win! It had BMX bikes on the half pipe, street skate, and also a speed and style moto-cross race! These things Casey really enjoys to watch, but my favorite band also happened to be playing that night! The Used!! This band takes me back to fun days in school and with friends, and I have always wanted to see them live, and they were so good!! It was such a fun night, and I'm glad Casey and I got to share it together!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mountain Tropic Triathalon!

This last weekend Casey's dad's side of the family had a family reunion up in Bear Lake, and it just so worked out that Casey's next Triathalon was also up in Bear Lake! This one was called the Mountain Tropic Tri, and it has been Casey's best one yet!! He did awesome! He got 2nd in his age group and 9th overall!! I have no idea where he get's his drive from, but it is amazing all the races he does. I'm glad he does it too because it makes me want to better myself and be more active. I'm so proud of him!!

The reunion was also really fun, it's fun to see all Casey's aunts and uncles and cousins! We got to do alot of boating which was super fun! Scoots likes to sit at the front of the boat so he can be right in the wind, just like in a car! He hates the water though so I can't beleive he even gets that close! We also got to hang out on the beach, enjoy the sun, and relax! And of course you can't go to Bear Lake without getting a Raspberry Shake!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bear Lake and I Katy Perryed it up!

This last weekend, Jaydale's Fiance Chantry's mom and sisters held a baby shower in Randolf for Jaydale. All of us girls were invited, so since Randolf is like a million miles away in the middle of no where, we got to use my mom's friend's Cabin in Bear lake west! So the night before the shower we went up, hung out, checked out where Jaydale will be living when she has the baby, got a famous raspberry shake (you can't go to bear lake and not have one of those!) took the kids to the pool, sat in the hot tub for a while! And then went back up to the cabin to watch a movie and go to bed!

We got up the next morning got ready and headed up to Randolf. It literally is in the middle of nowhere, and was interesting to find! But Chantry's family did a really great shower! The decorations were cute, the food was good, and Jaydale got lots of great stuff!!

After the shower Amanda and I took the boys to the beach, or what little beach there was! But they had a blast, they love playing in the sand and Wyatt loved the water!! We stayed there for a few hours wore the kids out, and headed back up to the Cabin.

We decided to stay another night, so my dad came up and brought pizza! Casey decided to come up too, but didn't get there until late, as he had a softball game to play. Jaydale Chantry and Kylee came up for pizza, and afterwards we decided to go down the the clubhouse bar and restaurant where a band was playing for the 24th. It was a packed house and it was fun to watch the band, they were 3 old guys just having a good ol' time! Chantry bought us all drinks, I had a virgin Daiquiry which was yummy!! Casey met me there, and then we went back up to the cabin and went to sleep!

The next day we cleaned the cabin and got ready to head out, Casey and I wanted to hit the beach before we left, so we took Kylee and Wyatt, they swam, and sat out with Scoots, then got a raspberry shake and headed home! It was a fun girls weekend, where we were later joined by the boys, but I had so much fun, I love spending time with my family, and I'm grateful we can do these fun things together!

In March Amanda and I bought tickets for the Katy Perry Concert! We have been holding in our excitement for months!! And finally it came!! Last night we went to the concert, and it was the most fun concert I have ever been to!! We had a blast! She was such a good performer, and it was so entertaining, we new all the songs, and just had so much fun!! I'm glad we got to go together, I wouldn't have had as much fun with anyone else! We only wish Jaydale and Kylee could have been there, but we had so much fun!! The only thing that sucked was that we couldn't take our cameras in, so we have a few picture of us before we went in, and after in my car! There we so many people dressed up so fun! Amanda and I bought a whole bunch of colored hair extensions since Katy Perry has rainbow hair, and we bought awesome t-shirts!! It was so much fun!! If she ever comes back to utah we are for sure going!!


In front of the E center

I wanna see your pea cock!!!